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Corporate structureSport Australia and AIS

Who’s who in Sport Australia and AIS

The Australia Sport Commission (ASC) is the Australian Government agency responsible for supporting and investing in sport and physical activity at all levels. It was established in 1985 under the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989.

Sport Australia
In 2018, the ASC adopted a new brand, Sport Australia to reflect our changing role in sport and to better connect with the Australian community. The vision for Sport Australia is for Australia to be the world’s most active sporting nation, known for its integrity, sporting success and world-leading sports industry.

Australian Institute of Sport 
The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sport Australia and leads the Australian high-performance sport system. The vision for the AIS is national pride and inspiration through international sporting success.

For further information on each of the organisations, the teams and their contact details, please view the organisational structures below.

The Board

The ASC is governed by a board of commissioners who bring a range of expertise to guide the work of the ASC. Our board includes former athletes, business people and journalists, each with extensive, first-hand knowledge of Australia’s sporting landscape.

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