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Drivers of Participation

A toolkit to support organisations to design and deliver participation outcomes, to get more Australians moving more often

Effective planning for sustainable success is essential for the delivery of strong participation outcomes and enables:

  • clear leadership with a well-articulated purpose and vision
  • agreed objectives and a set of actions to achieve objectives
  • a baseline to monitor and track success.

Drivers of Participation

To support organisations to undertake participation planning, Sport Australia has co-designed a set of Drivers, which are the factors identified by stakeholders as the most significant influences on driving positive participation outcomes.

Well implemented drivers will help organisations to overcome barriers to participation.

Ensuring that all decisions are based on data and evidence about the market.

Developing products with benefits and features to meet consumer needs and wants.

Providing appropriate, accessible and affordable infrastructure and equipment.

Developing sustainable participation products and commercialising related assets.

Messaging and methods used to communicate internally and to consumers.

How products are delivered to the market.

A strong governance structure, committed to achieving participation outcomes.

A whole-of-sport approach to participation.

The experience, expertise and performance of the management team.

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