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Kate Palmer says sport can be Australia’s success story

10 June 2019

Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer AM says she’s more excited by what Australian sport can achieve together in the future than what she’s accomplished in her own career so far, humbled to be recognised in today’s Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Palmer has been appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for her services to sport, recognition for a sport administration career that has spanned more than thirty years.

But Palmer says she’s just “one of millions” contributing to Australian sport every day.

“Being exceptional in Australian sport doesn’t mean you have to be a one-in-a-million athlete, it can also mean you are one of millions contributing to the sport and recreation industry every single day,” Palmer says.

“I’m proud and humbled to receive this honour, but I’m also in a privileged position as someone who is able to work professionally in a leadership role for Australian sport.

“I marvel at the 2.4 million volunteers who dedicate their time to sport and recreation in Australia, the largest of any volunteer group in this country.”

Palmer says Australian sport faces immense challenges, and the number one priority is to help address physical activity levels. Some 65 per cent of Australian adults are not active enough, while an estimated 81 per cent of children don’t meet recommended activity levels.

Palmer says it presents a wonderful opportunity for change and progress.

“Australian sport has a real game on our hands, and it’s one we can’t afford to lose because the consequences will be dire. We have an inactivity crisis and the problem can’t be solved by standing still. Sport is a powerful vehicle for change.

“We can make sport and physical activity Australia’s success story, but it will involve getting all Australians moving more often.

“Sport already delivers $85 billion in benefits to Australia every year. The dividends are achieved in our health, education, productivity, social cohesion, international diplomacy and the economy.

“Sport Australia’s vision is to make Australia the world’s most active sporting nation. Imagine the potential sport and physical activity can unlock for Australia.”

She congratulated all those in sport who have been recognised in today's Queen's Birthday Honours.

Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer AM
Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer has been appointed a Member of the Order of Australia.
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