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Sports Australia is strongly committed to Australian sport environments that are safe, supportive and friendly for children and young people.

We are working with all involved in sport so that children and young people can enjoy sport and feel safe, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Child safety must be embedded in every Australian sporting organisation’s culture, reflected in their policies and procedures, and understood and practised at all levels of the sport.  This includes within our own organisation and facilities where children and young people come to practice, play, learn and excel.

It is essential everyone involved with delivering sport in Australia understands the important legal and governance responsibilities they have in relation to child safety.  This includes boards, committees, club administrators, volunteers, coaches, parents and participants. We have zero tolerance for any behaviour that puts the well-being of children and young people at risk.

Our commitment extends not just to sporting environments that minimise risk or danger but also to encouraging sporting organisations to build an environment that is not only fully compliant with legal and regulatory requirements, but where children and young people can fully benefit from the opportunity sport offers.

Child safe sport framework

Sport Australia is committed to improving the safety of children and young people in Australian sport from child abuse by:

  • raising awareness and knowledge of child abuse and child protection
  • providing an understanding of the specific obligations and expected behaviours towards children under Sport Australia’s Member Protection Policy template
  • developing confidence for people to take appropriate action when they become concerned for the safety of a child.

Designed for national sporting organisations this framework focuses on the specific obligations, expected behaviours and building confidence in people in sport to take appropriate action.

These elements provide a step by step guide to creating or strengthening the child safe framework for your sport. It is important to comply with relevant jurisdictional legislation in which your organisation operates (see Jurisdictional Screening and Mandatory Reporting Requirements download). Include all stakeholders of your sport and ensure your sport’s approach incorporates the current strengths and acknowledges the differences when operating across Australia.

This framework needs to be accompanied by training to ensure there is an awareness and knowledge of child abuse and child protection to improve the safety of children and young people in sport.

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